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Badaga...the unique and wonderful Language

Just a word - in Badaga

Ayya - Grandfather [Old man]

Hethe - Grandmother {Old Lady]

Appa - Father

Awway - Mother

Anna - Elder Brother

Akka - Elder Sister

Thamma - Younger Brother

Ammay - Younger Sister

Mamma - Uncle [Mother's brother or any elder person]

Mammi - Aunt [Father's sister or any elder lady]

Dhodda Appa - Father's Elder Brother

Kunna Appa - Father's younger brother

Dhodda Awway - Mother's elder sister

Chik Awway - Mother's younger sister

Sosay - daughter in law

Aliya - son in law

Bawa / Mamma - Sister's husband

Ahthigay - Elder brother's wife / husband's sister but elder in age

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