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Naakku Betta -நாக்கு பெட்டா

Badaga Dictionary
Recently Mamta from Chennai, obviously a non Badaga, wrote to tell me that she was interested in learning Badaga and whether I could suggest any book on the topic. I was stumped. Though I knew that there is a ‘Badaga - English’ dictionary by Paul Hockings and Christane Raichoor and some info available on the net, I could not recommend the book - dictionary for it is prohibitively priced.
So, the thought of making a dictionary with the active help of all Badaga friends who visit this website. Please spend a few minutes and send me any word you know. You can put it in the comments column below or send me an email :-

Now let us start with the alphabet A

1. ah - pronounced as in ah’himsa - people [ah bandhidhaaray - people have come. Appara ah eddharay - lot of people are there]
2. aah - pronounced as in after -opening the mouth [aah ennu - say aah or open your mouth]

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